Bohemian weekend!

How much time do you charge? And with a glass of prosecco?
Do not you think that today is not modern to spend hours standing by the mirror?
Just lightness and negligence today at the peak of fashion, and even if you are not Natural, but a Classic, your costume with a needle should look like it was the first thing that came your way. And hair and makeup – as if you were born that way.
Or do you get up in two hours to do everything slowly? Sip coffee, read the news and slowly gather. This is a moment of love and respect for yourself, you do not rush yourself and do everything with taste.

And there are those who really spend two hours on hair and makeup?

Carelessness has its charm, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. Negligent hairstyle does not imply dirty hair, and natural make-up – his absence. And you should not make everything absolutely natural. You can go out in the most simple, even homemade outfit, but add one bright detail and a sip of something sparkling “for the glitter of the eyes,” as my girlfriend says!

Here are some tips for a bohemian weekend look:
White T-shirt + jeans, but bright earrings
🍸‌hudy / sweater + denim skirt, but black polka dot tights and shoes with heels
🍸hudi + combination dress
ШтSport pants + white sneakers and silk T-shirt.
🍸‌ shirt + jeans, but shoes with heels
ШтSport pants + T-shirt of simple cut, but cashmere / silk
🍸‌simple t-shirt, but bright, unusual skirt + sneakers
Who is with us tomorrow bohemian / leisurely / beautiful / careless / vintage brunch + market? Cooking homework and dressing bohemian casually, I will help! ❤️😀

@Lusaber Vartazarian