Fashion for high!

The most important rule for tall girls is “in size and slightly larger”. The style should be slightly elongated and NEVER shortened. And the more so, the things that you have become small need to be feared like fire!
Oversize, a lot of freedom and air will make you visually more fragile.

Let’s go right on the trends

🍭Pants of palazzo, kimono and pajamas.
It’s us mini girls suffer with long and proportions and still on the whole, pajamas have pajamas. And you do not have any pajamas on, everything is an evening out. So do not be shy, take boldly all these wide pants and long robes!

🍭Shirts. With skirts you have no trouble, except mini. Just in the mini you will not go far, someone will steal you.
Trend this season, skirts with long hoodies are ideal for tall. Dare!

Well, if you adore showing your chic long legs, let the top be as calm as possible, a simple white T-shirt, shirt or a long sweater. Your silhouette is a rectangle.

🍭Cap well, just created for tall girls.

🍭Jinshop flops! Ideally combined with the cache. And to whom is this all, if not to you? The main thing is shoes! Today we wear flares with fairly powerful shoes. She is supporting the silhouette from below. You will certainly be in all this even higher, but even more beautiful!

🍭 Shortened trousers and coyotes. Here we have a small problem. This trend is considered by some to be the most successful model for high. But nevertheless, I constantly hear from high clients that they can not pick up a successful model of short trousers. And it is true. If the girl is slightly higher than the standard, on which pants are sewn, she will look in them like in little pants of her younger brother. What can be done about this? Search for a suitable model, and in the cold season, smooth out the effect due to pantyhose in the tone of trousers or bright striped socks.

✔ The same applies to sleeveless jackets. The eternal problem is to find long sleeves. If the sleeves are short, carefully tuck them on one lapel to open the wrists and your favorite watch.

🍭Koboy style this fall will be in vogue, and who will wear it, how not high? Especially cowboy hats!
Cowboy boots again, girls with 43m! Boldly go to the men’s department and take away their cowboy boots, they will not go out of fashion for many, many seasons!
You can look at brogues and loafers.

🍭Long knitted dresses. Also the option “on high” with the same cowboy boots! … mmmm sweetie!
High girls, of course you are all different, but most of them are Straights and Dramatics. And this means, you definitely do not go “girls” things. Do not wear lush skirts, puppet-bell-bell, forget the style of “new-look” as a terrible dream! Your years are 60-70s. Mini and expanse of direct cut! Well, today’s 2018 with its simplicity, breadth and oversize.

Even the classic jacket “a la Chanel” for you should be slightly elongated cut.
If there is not an elongated one, put a soft blouse under it, release it from the bottom and slightly the sleeves to pull out the silhouette.

🍭 Shoes and bags.
The main rule: do not hesitate to wear heels! Even if everything around is lower. Are you here with?
About the men’s department with the loafers and bugs I already said. There were ballet flats left.

✔️Says, for ballet flats we should thank Audrey Hepburn. With a height of 170, the size of her leg was 40 (unrealistically large for those times!) And she asked Salvatore Ferragamo to come up with a model for her to visually cut her foot. And it is true, if you can recommend someone to ballet flats, so tall girls. Only on their legs they look graceful and do not make the gait a “dent”.
To those short trousers that you need to find, it’s perfect!

🍭Your bags. I know you’re fashionable and you probably like cross-bodys. Be careful with the size. Too small a cross-bodi disadvantageously highlights your high growth, choose medium.
But! In large bags you can not deny yourself!
And anyway, girls! The most fashionable, flashy, extravagant things are made on high. Cut it here, pull it up. And you even put a sack on, everything will be fine. The main thing is not a small bag, but in size!

@Lusaber Vartazarian